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What can I do to help?

Stumps need to be cut low to the ground before grinding,approximately 50mm-100mm,which makes grinding faster and more efficient. If it is possible for you to cut the stump close to the ground this will save an additional charge. Don’t worry if you can’t, we have specialised equipment to take care of this problem.

Is stump grinding expensive ?

Stump grinding may not suit all budgets, however, there are discounts for multiple stumps. Give us a call or email us, it may be cheaper than you think.
“What price peace of mind ………..?”
In the long run it can save you a lot of aggravation and worry. If your tree felling job is completed by the removal of the stump and roots it can save you money by reducing the risk of termite infestation and help to avoid accidents due to trip

How far below the ground can you grind ? What is the maximum?

This is usually determined by what future plans you have for the area, for example. Lawn areas are ground to a depth between 100 mm and 150 mm. Concrete slabs we grind deeper as per your concretor’s requirements.
The maximum depth is around the 300 mm range.

What is the biggest stump you can grind?

The simple answer is there is no size limit.

Why stump grind?

Once a tree has been removed the root system and stump are left behind. Some times this root system may be in the way of future plans for an addition to your house, perhaps even a shed or garden expansion.
The stump may be protruding from the lawn and be in the way of mowing. The root system, now the tree has been removed, may become a trip hazard, a common source of injury.
Termites and other vermin such as mice and even snakes can and quite often do set up house in the remains of tree stumps, placing your home and other wooden structures at risk from termite infestation and endangering your loved ones from associated risks.
Simply by grinding the stump away you will reduce hazards and protect your family, property and nearby structures from the above mentioned dangers