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Price Guide

Stump Grinding Prices are determined by a few factors:


  • Firstly, how big the stump is by measuring length and width of the widest part and the height from the ground or you can compare the stump to something commonly found around the home i.e. dinner plate or car tyre
  • Was the tree a softwood like palm or a hardwood like Gum tree.
  • How long ago was the tree cut down
  • What is the excess like to get to the stump? Is there stairs, raised garden beds or any retaining walls. Is the stump near a pool or in a covered area?
  • How many stumps is there to be removed?
  • There is No call out fee, most quotes can be easily done with the aid of pictures supplied by you for an estimated price.
  • Stump Removal offers discounts for more than 3 stumps.
  • We have a minimum fee of $100 plus GST for any works carried out. This is used to cover traveling time to the job site.
  • As you can appreciate each stump job is different but with as much of the above information you can provide by phone or email, we are then able to give an approximate price to you.